The fifth incarnation of Holy Garden (touching the fruit of the void), a feature length original dance-theater performance written directed and performed by Ari Rudenko, hosted by Bali on Stage at Sarasvati Pavillion in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia, on July 28, 2015.  Featuring original musical and performance score by Catur Sang Klana Wijaya and Neo Balafon.   Lighting by Ade Legito.  Photographs by Diana Charlotte. 

UPDATE: HOLYGARDEN is making an American debut in San Francisco on Feb 23-24 2016 at NOHspace - Project Artaud.  Click here O for details.

Holy Garden (touching the fruit of the void) is a feature length performance directed and choreographed by Ari Rudenko, featuring the music of Catur Sang Klana Wijaya and Barbara Byers.  Rooted in an experimental interpretation of the Balinese and Javanese mystic practice of the Four Spiritual Siblings, Holy Garden is a dark dream, testing the guardians of lust, ego, anger, and power in pursuit of the forbidden fruit.  Since its inception in 2012, Holy Garden has been performed four times in Bali and Java, and will be performed again for Bali on Stage on July 17, 2015.