GHOSTS OF HELL CREEK with Evergreen Embodied Arts

Prehistoric Body Theater: GHOSTS OF HELL CREEK
By Ari Rudenko, with the Evergreen Embodied Arts Tribe

Sunday, April 16, 2017
@ The Studio -- 405 Franklin St. SE, Olympia, WA

The Prehistoric Body Theater is an interdisciplinary deep-time animal dance project conceived by transcultural performance maker Ari Rudenko, that explores our identity not simply as humans, but as vertebrates in an interrelated web of living organisms with a common story of familial ancestry stretching back hundreds of millions of years. The Prehistoric Body Theater is a wild but refined dance experience, developed with a fusion of techniques from Japanese Butoh theater, inspiration from Indonesian animal dance traditions, movement research with living animals, and through mentorship and collaboration with leading paleontologists.

This performance, "Ghosts of Hell Creek" was the fruit of a 4 day intensive workshop lead by Ari Rudenko, with the Embodied Arts Tribe -- a student organization at The Evergreen State College. The Event is produced/managed by Ivan Daniel Espinosa.

The Hell Creek Formation in eastern Montana captures a flood-jungle ecosystem from just before, during, and after the Chicxulub asteroid impact 65.5 million years ago - a catastrophic event that sent molten rock waves the height of the Himalayas rolling over the Gulf of Mexico, and induced an apocalyptic global wildfire that may have incinerated most of our planet within two hours - an event that marked the end of the reign of the dinosaurs, and the dawn of the rise of mammals. "Ghosts of Hell Creek" tells the story of the last of the magnificently feathered, hyper-carniverous raptor dinosaurs, named Acheroraptor, and she seduces the firey void with her futile mating dance. Meanwhile, our earliest known ancestor, the proto-primate Purgatorius, reaches from the ashes for the first fleshy fruit.