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大駱駝艦 Summer Intensive

I have been working hard to establish a career as a dance-theater maker based in Indonesia.  I have a dream to form a more formalized dance company here, based on a fusion of Japanese butoh theater and Indonesian traditional movements and concepts.  I have spent the last 3 years immersed in Indonesian dance and ritual theater, and have created many pieces with other Indonesian artists, including my feature length piece Holy Garden, and the In Heat series I am working on now that fuses butoh technique with Balinese movements.

However, I still have never trained in Japan in the original context of Butoh dance.  The company that REALLY inspires me is Dairakudakan, who have been together for over 30 years and travel the world with their ingeniously crafted feature length butoh performances, and support up to 30 dancers at a time in a structure called "Ichinin-Ippa"(One dancer, one school), which is a system in which every dancer contributes unique movements to the development process, and as a dancer grows in seniority, they are guaranteed the privilege of directing original work using the company's resources.  In this way, the company both can maintain incredible synchronization and focus of vision, and yet a strong ethic towards individual artistry is supported.  I want to bring both dance/choreographic training, and knowledge of company structure back to Indonesia, so I can build a form of dance-theater that can grow, support the artists who I work with, and ultimately tour internationally with some very unique work.

I have decided to attend the DAIRAKUDKAN SUMMER INTENSIVE in Hakuba, Japan, this August 1-7th.  I went ahead and bought my plane ticket ALREADY.  However, I still have to find the funds to cover the course and the rest of my travel expenses in Japan.

Please visit my GOFUNDME page and read through my proposal. 

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