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The fifth incarnation of Holy Garden (touching the fruit of the void), a feature length original dance-theater performance directed and performed by Ari Rudenko, will show for Bali on Stage Performance series at Sarasvati Pavillion in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia, on July 29, 2015.  Featuring original musical and performance score by Catur Sang Klana Wijaya and Neo Balafon.

HOLY GARDEN touching the fruit of the void, is a surreal multilayered dance theater experience, a dream-story of temptation and illusion in the face of the holy emptiness in the heart of the earth.
    When a whale dies, its body falls slowly to the ocean floor.  The ancient bones form a secret graveyard garden in the inky blackness, where a thousand blind eels come to dance in the abyss.  Once upon a time, one of these eels died in the depths, and was reborn as a shadow creature into the HOLY GARDEN, a Garden of earthly delights, filled with the tempting fruits of secret knowledge.
    In Balinese and Javanese spiritual tradition, each human soul is born with four spiritual siblings.  These siblings approach from the four directions, and they bring four secret knowledges - creation, preservation, destruction, and nothingness.  These knowledges are temptations, each a fruit seething with dangerous power.  
    Will the shadow creature eat them all?

Later Event: July 30
大駱駝艦 Summer Intensive